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About Zigman – Furniture Manufacture Cluj and Canada

We are a company established in 2000 with a number of 10 employees who have worked and grown with Zigman, reaching a number of 100 employees and a production area of over 3500 m2, upgraded over the years with state of the art machinery and qualified staff in the field, for which quality is a priority.

Zigman is present on the furniture market with 2 showrooms, one in Cluj – Napoca, on 74 Bucuresti Street, and one in Canada Montreal.

As for the production part, the factory is located at the entrance to Cluj Napoca, Calea Dezmirului FN, and also a working point in Sancraiu de Mures, Mures county.

Furniture Showroom Cluj Napoca – Mobila din PAL si Lemn Masiv

Also, the furniture factory has attached a furniture showroom in Cluj-Napoca, with related offices for design, layout, sales, financial-accounting and management.
Besides the classic manufacture of furniture made of prefabricated boards and MDF, we also manufacture solid wood and veneer furniture. As for the final aspect of the furniture, we provide finishing of all types of materials without restrictions of colour, texture and level of polish.
Our project for 2016-2017 is an ambitious one, namely the set-up of the second showroom in Cluj Napoca, fully made by us, mostly from organic materials, respectively wood and glass.

This showroom will be placed in the precincts of the factory where we will display pieces of furniture unique in terms of manufacture and finishing level, and it will also include the design, layout and customer relations departments.

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