Furniture layout & design + story

The activity we carry out is layout and design for custom made and series furniture. By the layout activity we offer our clients the chance to view as close as possible to reality the space they own and its potential. The teams are formed of designers and drawers who, through team work and close collaboration take the clients from the semi-finished phase and based on their drawings, the designer makes the sketches.

The next step is the measurement of the space and the final sketch of the designer. The latter suggests the client the materials of which the furniture will be made, depending on the use and technical solutions when it comes to unusual works, colours, cutting and accessories, and with the help of specialized programs and implemented software, the designer makes a professional sketch which will be adapted, this being a 100% real image of the furniture in the given space. When this sketch is approved by the client, the furniture goes to the designer, who finishes the technical part of the Project.

Each of our clients has assigned a designer, who, in the first phase draws up the “client’s sheet” based on which the quotation work is continued, with the furniture sketched in multiple alternatives and price calculations for each separate sketch.

Interior design

Decoration Studio: is our creation part, when clients and the designer discuss and establish all aspects related to the interior design starting from shades of paint, wall paper, curtains, carpets, lighting fittings, to the size of the furniture and everything concerning this project.


Transport & assembly

In order to please more clients we provide transport and assembly of the furniture items.
Our people handle with the greatest caution the transport of the furniture from the factory to the final client and from the car to client’s home.
The assembly is made with a specialized team, based on the project, with special care for the furniture and for the other spaces like floors, walls or doors.